The aer custom oil cooling system

AER is now celebrating it�s 15th anniversary with a 10% off all retail customers including shipping and handling. for the dealers 10% off not including shipping.
the AER oil cooling system continues to enjoy excellent testimonials as well as great reviews in national magazines.

This past 15 years, tony reise, founder and owner of aer, has won various shows with his 50 caliber shovel head.  the 2000 Easyriders show in Philly was Tony’s biggest win. Taking first place in the street custom class (judged) competion.  and, of course, Tony’s bike sports the sleek looking aer oil cooling system. tony_shop

Compare AER’s quality & retail pricing of $439.95 – with the leading manufacturers of air dams & oil coolers:

Aluminum Air Aam – average retail cost $185.00

Does not serve any functional purpose. mig welded on the outside only – greater possibility of stress cracks to housing and chroming is not recommended for this reason. bracket system design and materials lack long term roadworthiness capabilities. not louvered on the front and bottom sides. has independent road testing been done to indicate roadworthiness & anticipated product life?

Leading oil cooler – average retail cost $159.00 each plus cost of brackets, $40.00 thermostat = total $199.00.

Is not designed to provide optimum oil cooling efficiency. only circulates twice in half the surface area opposed to AER’s four (4) complete cycles in double the surface area. unsightly cooler, hoses, clamps and electric’s are exposed on the front of your frame. conventional mounting methods block the airflow to your heads and cylinders. no significant increase in oil capacity. (AER offers an increase of approximately 1/3 of a quart due to its larger surface area.)

As you may already know, increasing oil capacity will benefit your engine in cooling and longer life! in order to equal aer’s surface area you would have to purchase two (2) coolers @ $159.00 – $318.00. so in the long run, don’t you think that purchasing a product to promote longer engine life, looks great, is proven to be no.1 in oil cooling, road worthiness and design is worth $55.95 more?