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THE AER CUSTOM OIL COOLING SYSTEM – Unsurpassed Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler

It’s one-of-a-kind Oil Cooling System that offers you optimum oil cooling efficiency to help you prolong engine life, as well as giving you a sleek customized look to your Harley-Davidson. Please read AER’s brochure thoroughly, it includes independent product testing and product specifications. AER knows that in the end you will come to understand and truly appreciate the many qualities this Custom Air Dam Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler has to offer you.

Sleek Appearance

AER is very proud of their invention because their oil cooler has been independently tested and proven (by an expert) to be No. 1 in design to achieve optimum cooling of oil temperature levels due to a double in size oil cooler with specially designed aluminum thermal cooling blocks. The sleek, louvered air dam that serves as a housing for the unsightly oil cooler, hoses, clamps and electric’s, also promotes added cooling to the oil cooler. Via independent product testing as of December 1994, this oil cooler has withstood over 250,000 miles of heavy road use within a six (6) month period and is still going strong. Read further for even more proof of AER’s product excellence in quality workmanship and design.

Run Cooler Then Ever Before

AER’s Air Dam Harley-Davidson Oil Cooler will help prolong your engine’s life.  Our oil cooling system increases oil capacity by approximately 1/2 quart.  Also oil circulates through 44″ of 1/2″ copper tubing and the oil remains in our system 4 consecutive cycles.  The most important thing is the 35-50 degree drop in oil temperature. Nichols Motorcycle Products Evaluation has more thatn 250,000 miles on our oil cooling system.  They are convinced AER is #1 in oil cooling.  Ask any Harley owner using our cooling systems, they will tell  you it’s the coolest their H-D has ever run.   Click here to see some Harley-Davidson’s using our Oil Cooling Systems